Simple gestures. Giant difference.

Donate Blood

Blood donations are always in need. Any time of year, please consider giving the life-saving gift of a blood donation.

Give at Memorial Blood Centers at 5115 Burning Tree Road or find a Memorial Blood Centers location in your area.

Purchase a Gift

Make a patient’s day a little brighter with a small gift given with giant love. A new book, game or gift card can make travel to the hospital or clinic so much smoother.

Check out our Amazon Gift List for just the right thing.

Donate to the Cause

We can make a giant difference for local families undergoing cancer treatment. All monetary donations will be used to fulfill our Amazon Gift List or purchase gift cards.

Venmo us (@giantvoices) or send/drop off a check at Giant Voices (memo Holiday Giving) at 212 W. Superior Street.

We love this time of year. It’s an opportunity to show gratitude, generosity and the powerful impact of community. We are excited to once again be rallying around two initiatives: childhood cancer and donating blood. In many cases, these two things are inextricably linked, every pint of blood donated is a lifesaving gift.

Our goal is to bring joy into the lives of patients, families, friends and caregivers. If we can rally together to ease even a little of the stresses around battling cancer, or repetitive visits to the clinic, we’ve done our job.

Giant Voices is proud to be championing these efforts along with our friends, family and clients to support kids and adults in our region with vital—and fun—resources they need.

“The support and generosity we’ve received for Giant Giving is beyond appreciated, and the impact we’ve made together is incredibly moving. Families have been blown away by these simple acts of kindness. Every pint of blood donated has the potential to save 3 lives, and every gift given truly makes a GIANT impact! Thank you!”

Jena Mertz, Giant Voices Partner + Director of Operations

A Giant Kickoff

The 2023 Giant Giving Season officially began on September 19, 2023, with our annual mobile blood drive with Memorial Blood Centers. Thank you to everyone who was able to come down and donate – you helped us make a giant impact in our community!

Blood donations are critical to our community’s health, Memorial Blood Centers requires at least 2,000 donors per week to keep up with local hospital demand alone. One poke can save up to three lives, and it takes only around ten minutes to donate.

Schedule a donation today at Memorial Blood Centers.


Thank you sincerely for taking time from your busy lives to join in on 2023 Giant Giving—you never know who’s day you might be making, or who’s life you might be saving.

Please complete all donations by December 17, 2023, to ensure we have ample time to fulfill our Amazon Gift List before the holidays.

A special thanks to our supporting clients:

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Contact Becky Hartley
[email protected]

If you or your company are interested in amplifying Giant Giving, please reach out to Becky for a conversation about how you can join us and our supporters in making a real difference.

About Giant Giving

Giant Voices launched our Giant Giving initiative in 2021 to support a cause near and dear to our hearts after experiencing a childhood cancer journey firsthand.

Lucie Mertz, daughter of Giant Voices partner Jena Mertz and her husband Rich, was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma in 2019. Over the course of her rigorous and aggressive multi-year treatment, Lucie received many generously donated gifts to make her hospital time more tolerable and many, many more blood transfusions—over 180 in total—without which she would not be the healthy 7 year old she is today. Our team supported the Mertz family during their treatment journey, and we were compelled to inspire others to give.

Giant Voices is proud to be championing these efforts along with our friends, family and clients. Join us in supporting kids and adults in our region with the vital—and fun—resources they need.